Widespread Adoption Of Twin 33 Trailers Will Make U.S. Freight Transport Safer & More Efficient

The Americans for Modern Transportation (AMT) coalition released a new study which finds that widespread adoption of Twin 33 foot trailers boosts safety and efficiency for American drivers, consumers, and businesses. Conducted by 35-year traffic safety researcher Dr. Ronald Knipling, the study finds safety is enhanced by increasing the stability of trailers on the road, reducing truck miles driven by 3.1 billion, and enabling better enforcement of standards for all trucks.

In 2014, Widespread Adoption of Twin 33 Trailers Would have Resulted In:

3.1 Billion Fewer Vehicle Miles Traveled

4,500 Fewer Annual Truck Crashes

$2.6 Billion Dollars Saved In Shipping Costs

53.2 Million Hours Saved Due To Less Congestion

255 Million Fewer Gallons Of Fuel

2.9 Million Fewer Tons Of CO2 Emissions

Some facts about Twin 33 trailers:

  • Perform on par or better than Twin 28s in four critical safety measure and are less likely to roll over
  • Equipped with key safety technologies like forward collision and lane departure warning systems
  • Authorized to operate on portions of highways in 20 states, but not local roads

Twin 33s are the trucks of tomorrow