Twin 33s Reduce Congestion & Reduce Pollution

With domestic e-commerce sales and freight volume only growing, the Americans for Modern Transportation Coalition (AMT) presents an immediate solution to bring relief to our already congested transportation infrastructure and to bring about numerous environmental benefits – a win-win for all.

AMT’s modest proposed 5-foot increase to the twin 28’ trailers also reduces congestion and pollution. In a letter to the U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, AMT outlined the following benefits:

  • Environmental Gains – The efficiency gains from the adoption of Twin 33 trailers would equate to 255 million fewer gallons of fuel and 2.9 million fewer tons of CO2 emissions.
  • Immediate Reduction of Trucks – The implementation of Twin 33’ trailers will result in 3.1 billion fewer truck miles traveled each year, resulting in less congestion at no cost to taxpayers.
  • Industry Efficiencies – Twin 33’ trailers can move the same amount of freight with 18% fewer truck trips, allowing consumers and businesses to realize $2.6 billion annually in lower shipping costs and quicker delivery times.

A study conducted by Berkeley Law echoed these points, “Industry representatives emphasized that twin-33 trailers have the potential to reduce emissions and congestion by shipping the same freight weight in fewer vehicles.” The researchers called on the California Department of Transportation, the California Highway Patrol and state officials to partner with industry and shipping leaders to lobby federal officials for regulatory approval for Twin 33s.

Importantly, the reduction in the number of trucks on our roads would have tangible safety benefits as Twin 33’ trailers perform better than many other truck configurations on four critical safety measures. Research shows that the adoption of Twin 33 trailers would result in 4,500 fewer truck accidents annually. And the additional safety features, included in AMT’s proposal, will layer in additional enhancements as Twin 33s travel on the existing national highway network in a Twin 33 configuration.

Environmental investments today will benefit future generations.

Check out the latest fact sheet on the Environmental benefits here.