The Answer to Today’s Trucker Shortage is a National Twin 33 Plan

A driver shortage crisis is facing the trucking industry as drivers retire and replacement positions are vacant.  In 2018, the American Trucking Associations released its latest examination of the driver shortage, finding the industry needed 60,800 more drivers at the end of 2018 to meet the country’s demands for freight services. The increase in the driver shortage should be a warning to carriers, shippers and policymakers because if conditions don’t change substantively, the industry could be short just over 100,000 drivers in five years and 160,000 drivers in 2028.

However, the solution to this trucker shortage crisis may be simpler than one might expect. A mundane 5-foot increase to the 28-foot trailers would immediately solve this problem. Twin 33 trailers can move the same amount of freight with 18% fewer trips and less drivers would be required. According to independent researcher and consultant Ron Knipling, “fewer trucks with bigger payloads would [not only] reduce the driver shortage [but also] enhance the quality and rewards of drivers jobs [as well].” With bigger trucks, drivers would have fewer trips and spend less time on the road and could receive additional benefits.

Thus, with the supply of truckers dwindling, we at Americans for Modern Transportation believe that part of the answer lies in the adoption of the new Twin 33s. These trucks would not only solve the trucker shortage crisis, but also provide other countless economic and social benefits that could positively impact our communities, businesses, and local citizens.

Check out the latest fact sheet on the benefits to consumers, communities, businesses and jobs here.