Technology Upgrades


Exploration of smart and adaptive vehicle technologies should be supported and incorporated in new advanced trucking equipment.

  • Our economy is defined by the American entrepreneurial spirit that continues to drive today’s greatest innovators. It is important to promote policies that support cutting-edge innovation, such as autonomous driving and truck platooning, rather than hinder these efforts with unnecessary over-regulation of the marketplace.


Innovations behind vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications systems should be supported through state and federal policies.

  • Once implemented on a national level, advanced transportation systems, or Smart Road Systems, promise incredible improvements to road safety, fuel efficiency and travel times as a result of reduced congestion.


The infrastructure for safety technologies, including vehicle to vehicle communication platforms, must be protected. This and other technology platforms must be allowed to move forward as they are foundationally necessary for many “driver assist” technologies that ensure advancements in safety, sustainability, system and vehicle efficiency, and sustainability. These items are keys to improving commercial driver health, safety, and lifestyle.

  • In order to realize the incredible potential of this technology – and ensure the continued development of vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V) platforms – regulators must consider the needs and possibilities of tomorrow, not just the demands of today.