Statement in Response to the Association of American Railroad’s Opposition to Policy that Would Allow Twin 33’ Trailers

Today, Americans for Modern Transportation’s Executive Director, Randy Mullet, released the following statement in response to the Association of American Railroads’ recent change in policy positions regarding twin 33’ trailers:

“We are extremely disappointed that the AAR, on behalf of the short-line railroads, is opposing efforts within Congress to modernize trucking equipment and allow twin 33’ trailers to operate on our nation’s highways.  The short-line railroads have determined that holding productivity hostage, as a means of holding back their competition, is more important than the travelers, consumers, and businesses that would benefit from the safe and efficient movement of freight on our roads.

“Rather than letting the railroads stand in the way, Congress must move forward on common-sense policies such as twin 33’ trailers that would reduce congestion on our roads, improve the safety for travelers, lower costs for consumers and businesses, decrease the amount of wear and tear on roads and bridges, and bring about meaningful environmental gains.”