Setting the Record Straight on Twin 33 Trailers

Americans for Modern Transportation sets the record straight on the widespread use of twin 33 trailer trucks, which are already allowed on portions of highways in 20 states nationwide.

Misguided claims about the safety of twin 33 trailers undermine the abilities of this advanced equipment to help shippers meet the increasing demands of the modern consumer with no additional costs to taxpayers.

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In fact, many of the largest truckload (TL’s) carriers in the country agree, as 52 of them indicate in their letter to Congress this year, that twin 33s would “improve stability, reduce the number of collisions and enhance safety for all highway users.”

Last month, The Wall Street Journal jumped on board in its endorsement of twin 33s stating that twin 33s are “a chance to make a marked improvement without spending more taxpayer cash.”

Additionally, just this week, thought leader, Charles Sauer, wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Examiner:

“with the recent explosion in online sales shippers, consumers, and governments are looking for new solutions such as the twin 33. While each trailer is just 5 feet longer, this allows shipper an additional 18.6 percent of space…lobbying from industries that would potentially lose money because of the twin 33 are holding up the win-win solution.”

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