Report from CARB Symposium: Legislators Should Approve Twin 33-Foot Trailers

Everyone is in favor of modernizing policies that safely improve freight efficiency and reduce pollution. The only remaining question is how to do it. A recent report stemming from a California Air Resources Board symposium address this question head on.

The report, “Delivering the Goods: How California Can Create the Sustainable Freight System of the Future,” identifies an expansive group of new freight transportation technologies and infrastructure developments and the policy innovations needed to achieve a sustainable freight system. Among the findings: policy, environmental, community, and freight industry groups should work with legislators to obtain regulatory approval for the safe application of twin-33 trucks.

More from the report:

  • Among the top solutions to address near-term challenges: “Assist shipping and trucking industry leaders by working with legislators to obtain regulatory approval for the safe application of twin-33 trucks.”
  • Polices that should be fast-tracked to promote immediate progress: “California Department of Transportation, California Highway Patrol and state leaders could partner with shipping and trucking industry members to obtain federal regulatory approval for the safe application of twin-33s.”

The Americans for Modern Transportation coalition supports modernizing trucking equipment and increasing the national twin trailer standard from 28 feet to 33 feet. This common-sense policy would result in 3.1 billion fewer vehicle miles traveled. With fewer miles traveled, conservative estimates show a 255-million-gallon reduction in annual diesel fuel use – which is equivalent to 2.9 million fewer tons of carbon emissions.

The time is now for Congress to act on modernizing trucking equipment standards. The environment and economy are depending on it.