PRESS RELEASE: AMT Reaction To Truck Safety Hearing                                                                                                              

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March 14, 2017


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Melissa Manson



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WASHINGTON, D.C.— “Today’s hearing highlighted the need to modernize our transportation system, something we truly haven’t done in over 25 years. However, the discussion on Twin 33s missed the mark on identifying real solutions to upgrade. As Dr. Ron Knipling showed in his recent report, with widespread adoption of Twin 33s, there would be 3.1 billion less vehicle miles driven, resulting in 4,500 fewer accidents. Further, competition concerns within the industry are overblown, as Twin 33s run on different roads.

“New infrastructure investment combined with advanced technologies and greater efficiencies, will provide a jolt to the U.S. economy. The time to modernize is now.”


Twin 33s Are Safer And More Efficient

Twin 33s Are More Stable At Highway Speeds And Less Likely To Rollover.  “Lengthening twin trailers from 28′ to 33′ improves their high-speed dynamics. This makes T-33s more stable and less likely to rollover or jackknife. Increased stability is shown by computer simulations using engineering data from the vehicles such as axle weights, axle and hitch locations, suspension characteristics, tires, and payload.” (Ronald Knipling, “Twin 33 Foot Truck Trailers: Making U.S. Freight Transport Safer And More Efficient, Report, 3/13/17)

U.S. Department Of Transportation Data Shows Twin Trailer Trucks Have Crash Rates That Are Among The Lowest In Trucking And Other Motor Vehicles. “Nationally, twin trailer trucks have crash rates that are among the lowest in trucking and among all types of motor vehicles. The U.S. DOT Modal Shift Analysis estimated twin trailer VMT to be 7.3 percent of the large truck total. In 2014, twin trailer trucks were involved in just 2.5 percent of large truck fatal crashes, 1.7 percent of injury crashes, and 2.2 percent of towaway crashes.” (Ronald Knipling, “Twin 33 Foot Truck Trailers: Making U.S. Freight Transport Safer And More Efficient, Report, 3/13/17)

Widespread Adoption Of Twin 33s Would Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled, Which Would Have Resulted In An Estimated 4,500 Fewer Annual Truck Crashes In 2014. “Based on U.S. DOT estimates, current truck vehicle miles traveled (VMT) would be reduced by more than 3 billion, with associated reductions of more than 4,500 annual truck crashes.” (Ronald Knipling, “Twin 33 Foot Truck Trailers: Making U.S. Freight Transport Safer And More Efficient, Report, 3/13/17)

Twin 33s Won’t Threaten The Truckload industry

Myth: The current fleet of 53′ trailers would be rendered antiques, forcing all carriers to invest in new 33′ trailers. 

  • The facts are simple. Fifty-three foot trailers cater to an entirely different customer base than any size twin trailers, which are used primarily in LTL networks. Additionally, the current 28-foot trailers have a cubic size advantage over the 53-footers, yet the 53’s remain the workhorse for the entire industry.

Myth: The truckload industry and its long haul operations are designed for longer trailer configurations.

  • Correct, Twin 33s are not economically viable for truckload operations, and practically speaking, Twin 33s can only run designated routes and are impractical for irregular route truckload operations. As every Twin 33 proponent has said, this policy change does nothing to threaten truckload carriers’ current operations or equipment.


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