Press Release: AMT Issues Statement in Response to the ASLRRA’s 2018 Report

August 7, 2018

Dan Combs
(202) 572-6230

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Americans for Modern Transportation’s Executive Director, Randy Mullett, released the following statement in response to the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association’s (ASLRRA) 2018 report examining the economic impact of their industry:

“The ASLRRA and their recent economic impact report states that the short line railroad industry is currently healthy and even dominant in some parts of the country. This is due to in no small part to special interest tax breaks that have been available to their industry over the years.

“Unfortunately, the ASLRRA has determined that receiving this handout from the taxpayers is not good enough anymore, and they are now pressuring Congress to block common-sense productivity gains being sought by the LTL industry. The short line railroads’ efforts to hold productivity hostage, as a means of holding back their competition, is harmful to the travelers, consumers, and businesses that would benefit from the safe and efficient movement of freight on our roads.

“It is time to move forward on meaningful policy changes that could bring about productivity gains such as twin 33’ trailers that would reduce congestion on our roads, improve the safety for travelers, lower costs for consumers and businesses, decrease the amount of wear and tear on roads and bridges, benefit the overall economy, and bring about meaningful environmental protections.

“Congress and the American public should not let the short line railroads continue to benefit from targeted tax breaks at the same time that they stand in the way of a strong and competitive intermodal transportation system.”

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