OPINION: Outdated Trucking Regulations Make Moving Harder Than It Should Be

Recently, John B. Koch, CEO of PODS Enterprises, a moving a storage company, authored an op-ed in The Daily Caller. In the op-ed, Koch tells his story how allowing twin 33s to operate in all 50 states can help companies like his transport cargo more efficiently and flexible as ever to benefit Americans – as his customers are demanding more than ever:

“The extra five feet on each trailer could revolutionize domestic cargo transport in all industries, but moving and storage operations would be especially well served by this change. If Twin 33s could operate nationwide, an additional mobile storage container could be added to each trailer. That represents a compelling efficiency increase of 33 percent. The multiple effects would be huge. Commonsense use of trailer space would allow small loads to get where they are needed with maximum efficiency.”

“PODS is one of thousands of companies around the country that would benefit by opening up all of America’s highways to Twin 33s. And when manufacturers, suppliers of parts, consumer products and others can more easily and efficiently move their products, everyone benefits. The trucking sector is eager to be part of the solution of keeping up with consumer demand despite overburdened roadways. Congress should get out of the way of adopting this commonsense solution.”

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