Modernizing Trucking Equipment Standards Will Help Meet Demand

The story of the summer in the shipping and delivery world has been the shortage of truckers and the subsequent rise in shipping prices. This is a reality pinpointing a major problem for our economy: existing truck capacity cannot keep up with demand. The result is exceedingly higher shipping costs and delivery times for customers – both of which are an impediment to economic growth.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are steps Congress can take immediately to mitigate this shortfall. Modernizing the national twin trailer standard from 28 feet to 33 feet would instantly add 18% in capacity without putting additional trucks on the road or adding to already congested highways.

Additionally, the safety of twin 33-foot trailers is proven, and the sustainability and efficiency benefits are undeniable. The twin 33-foot trailer configuration is more stable than current 28-foot twins.

Fewer trucks on the road means less opportunity for accidents, reduced fuel use and lower emissions. Plus, this solution doesn’t cost the federal government or taxpayers a dime. The trucking industry foots the bill.

The time is now for Congress to act on modernizing trucking equipment standards. The entire American economy is depending on it.