Fact Sheet: Advanced Trucking Technology

Advanced trucking technology like platooning will make freight safer and more efficient.


  • Platooning technology allows trucks to closely follow each other under safe conditions.
  • Trucks communicate with one another, creating zero reaction time for braking, and thus improving road safety.
  • Platoons improve truck aerodynamics, reducing fuel costs and environmental impact.


  • Collision mitigation systems engage in the event of dangerous roadway obstructions or manual failures.
  • Blind spot notifications and emergency braking systems can act autonomously to prevent accidents.
  • Lane departure warning sensors alert drivers if the vehicle drifts out of the intended path.


  • Predictive maintenance technologies ensure equipment is fully functional so deliveries are on time and drivers are safe behind the wheel.
  • Systems like tire pressure monitoring systems ensure equipment is safe for our roadways.
  • On-the-road diagnostics allow truck operators to optimize driving behaviors for maximum fuel efficiency.