Letter To Senators Thune, Nelson, Fischer, and Booker                 

April 4, 2017
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Dear Senators Thune, Nelson, Fischer, and Booker,

Our nation’s transportation networks face significant capacity constraints and serious safety challenges.  As our country’s roads, highways, bridges, ports, and airports continue to deteriorate, bipartisan collaboration has become critical. We are hopeful that the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation can lead the way on developing support for the necessary investments and common-sense policies that will spur economic growth and job creation.

The current record of underinvestment in our nation’s infrastructure and the unwillingness to modernize how freight is moved from manufacturer to the consumer has resulted in economic inefficiencies and put undue stress on our environment.

We need to do more than maintain our existing roads, bridges, and waterways. To fully deliver results for the long-term, reforms should also leverage technologies and efficiencies developed by the private sector. Let’s not invest in the infrastructure system of the past but lay the foundation for one of the future.

The Americans for Modern Transportation coalition has identified three policy opportunities to guide the creation of a modern infrastructure system:

Sustainability Improvements: The reduction of emissions and improved fuel efficiency will improve overall environmental quality while strengthening our economic and national security. Advanced trucking equipment like Twin 33 trailers are low-hanging fruit for rapidly increasing fuel efficiency, cutting emissions, and making our highways safer.

Technology Upgrades: The exploration of smart and adaptive vehicle technologies should be supported and incorporated in new advanced trucking equipment. Once implemented on a national level, advanced transportation systems, or Smart Road Systems, promise incredible improvements to road safety, fuel efficiency, and travel times as a result of reduced congestion.

Enhanced Driver Safeguards: Improved road and bridge infrastructure means a safer environment for all drivers and their passengers to navigate. All new roadways should be constructed with features, including rumble strips, widened shoulders, and well-engineered asphalt, that promote longevity and a safe, high-quality driving experience for all vehicles.

Today’s freight companies, along with the manufacturers and shippers that utilize them, are making critical investments in their workforce, new technologies, and existing equipment to ensure efficiency, sustainability and safety for all.  We need the same forward-looking effort from our partners in federal and state governments so all Americans have access to the full promise enabled by a modern transportation system.

We look forward to working with the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee and seizing this opportunity to usher the country into a new era of infrastructure investment.