Infrastructure Week 2017 By The Numbers: 64%                                                                                          

As we continue exploring the need to modernize our transportation system throughout Infrastructure Week, Americans For Modern Transportation (AMT) presents the second post of our “By The Numbers” series. As a broad set of industries committed to moving goods across the American economy, we continue to support policy upgrades and infrastructure investment to meet the demands of modern businesses and consumers. Together, we can move America toward a safe, efficient, and sustainable future.

How does e-commerce relate to infrastructure? As online shopping becomes widespread and more convenient, consumers are demanding more goods be delivered directly to their homes rather than browsing around stores to find the right product. What often gets overlooked in this equation is the fact that these deliveries rely on shippers to move these goods every day. Whether goods be transported via train, ship, or plane, it’s certain that over 122.5 million households and 7.5 million domestic businesses rely on the infrastructure network to obtain needed items.

While e-commerce is the primary factor driving the increase in demand for shipping (Business Intelligence), the American economy overall is seeing a boost in the number of goods transported and the value of those goods.

Over the next 30 years, the tons of good transported is projected to grow 40 percent and the value of those goods will increase by 92 percent (DOT).

To meet the demands of the modern economy, businesses across the supply chain are investing in ways to improve efficiency and sustainability. It’s time Congress pairs infrastructure investment with updated policies, like expanding the use of Twin 33 trailers and supporting new technologies such as platooning and autonomous vehicles. Together, we can #MoveAmericaForward.