Improving Infrastructure While Saving Taxpayer Dollars

Tax Day 2018 is upon us and we are once again reminded of the money the government collects from our hard-earned paychecks to fund important federal programs, including America’s infrastructure system.  It is imperative Congress enacts policies that will spend these tax dollars responsibly and efficiently.  It is no secret that our infrastructure system is in dire need of an overhaul.  And yet, we need infrastructure solutions that are mindful of the financial burden on the American taxpayer.

Today’s freight companies, along with the manufacturers and shippers that utilize them, are making smart investments in their workforce, new technologies, and existing equipment to ensure efficiency, sustainability and safety for all.   We need the same forward-looking effort from our partners in federal, state, and local governments so all Americans have access to the full promise enabled by a modern transportation system.  Congress should modernize regulations to allow twin 33-foot trailers on the national highway network now. This safe and commonsense upgrade will immediately allow carriers and shippers to move more goods without putting additional trucks on the road or adding to already congested highways. Plus, this solution doesn’t cost the federal government or taxpayers a dime. The trucking industry foots the bill.

The Americans for Modern Transportation coalition urges our leaders in Washington, D.C. to support legislation allowing for twin 33’ trailers on our nation’s highways for the sake of consumers, businesses, and every American taxpayer.