ICYMI: Randy Mullett: Twin 33s are a common sense solution to modern transportation challenges

Last week, Americans for Modern Transportation Executive Director Randy Mullett authored an op-ed in The Hill.  He argues that allowing twin 33s to operate on our national highways is sound policy change that will support economic growth, improve our transportation network and allow goods to move more safely and efficiently – at no cost to taxpayers:

“If twin 33s could operate nationwide, there could be an 18 percent reduction of twin trailers on American highways. That extra five feet of capacity in a modern 33-foot trailer would enable shippers to load trucks for additional deliveries on single trips, eliminating roughly 6 million truck trips a year.” 

“…twin 33s could reduce the number of truck miles on the roads by 3.1 billion. Twin 33s wouldadd instant and desperately needed capacity to our transportation network while reducing the number of trucks and miles traveled on our aging infrastructure.”

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