ICYMI: Congress Should Keep America Trucking With Twin 33s

Over the last 20 years, e-commerce has skyrocketed as consumers are turning to speedy delivery services for things they want and need more than ever before. And technological advances in shipping and delivery services are making it possible.

But, as Matt Cordio, co-founder and president of Skills Pipeline, a technology talent solutions company, points out in his opinion piece in InsideSources last month, there are rising challenges in these services meeting demand, and shipping prices are increasing. Plus, layer those challenges with shortages of truck drivers.

Cordio raises something that Congress can do to help alleviate these problems and help the freight trucking industry meet consumer demand: “allow certain truck drivers and businesses to haul twin trailers that are 5-feet longer than the 28-foot trailers currently allowed under a 35-year-old federal restriction.”

Cordio rightly claims, allowing 33-foot twin-trailer trucks on all of our highways comes at no cost to taxpayers and comes with several other benefits:

“Twin 33s would cut down on delivery times, highway accidents, fuel consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions, and wear and tear on roads and bridges. It would also keep more money in the pockets of Americans by lowering everyday costs for the consumer.”

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