E-Commerce On The Rise

December 8, 2017

It’s the busiest time of year for shippers.  We are increasingly aware of the number of trucks on America’s roadways carrying gifts and goods to consumers in all parts of the country.  America’s trucks transport 58% of the nation’s commercial freight tonnage, which is expected to increase 27% by 2027.  Trucking companies are taking notice of this prediction and placing more orders for trucks to add to their fleets. 

To meet that rising demand, we need a modern transportation system to ensure our shippers and deliverers can move America’s goods efficiently and safely.  Today’s freight companies, along with the manufacturers and shippers that utilize them, are making critical investments in their workforce, new technologies, and existing equipment to ensure efficiency, sustainability and safety for all.  We need the same forward-looking effort from our partners in federal and state governments so all Americans have access to the full promise enabled by a modern transportation system.