AMT Sends Letter to U.S. House T&I Committee Ahead of Kick-off Infrastructure Hearing

Today, Randy Mullett, Executive Director of AMT, sent a letter to the members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee urging Congress to increase the national twin-trailer standard as one commonsense solution to improve the nation’s infrastructure. The letter was sent ahead of the Committee’s kick-off legislative hearing on infrastructure issues to be held tomorrow. Excerpts from the letter:

“To fully deliver long-term results, policymakers must examine ways to leverage technologies and efficiencies developed by the private sector and work toward laying the foundation for the infrastructure system of the future.

“The Americans for Modern Transportation Coalition has identified one such solution: a modest five-foot increase to twin 28’ trailers. At no cost to taxpayers, Congress can act to modernize trucking equipment and increase the national twin trailer standard from 28 feet to 33 feet. Such a policy change will bring to our nation immediate and meaningful improvements…”

Download and read the full letter here.