American’s overwhelmingly agree: Congress needs to act NOW to reduce congestion on our roads

Earlier this year, Morning Consult issued a poll regarding solutions to alleviate the increasing burden on America’s infrastructure system.  More than 78% of poll participants agree believe that Congress should consider all policies that would help reduce the congestion on our roadways.  Nearly two thirds of those participants also believe Congress should act to modernize regulations to encourage a shift from using tax payer dollars to update America’s transportation system to more private sector spending. 

The American’s for Modern Transportation coalition could not agree more.  And we believe we have an answer.  A modest 5-foot increase to current 28-foot twin trailers would allow for an 18% decrease in the number of truck trips moving goods and merchandise to consumers and businesses.  It would also result in 3.1 billion FEWER truck miles every years on our nation’s crowded roads.  Common sense solutions such as this – which would cost ZERO DOLLARS to the American tax payer – need to be a part of the infrastructure reform conversation.  Learn more here