ALEC Passes Resolution “Urging Congress to Support Allowing Twin 33-Foot Trailers on American Highways”

Recently, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) passed a resolution in support of allowing twin 33-foot trailers on highways, stating:

“…there is a need to modernize regulations in trucking that will advance America’s transportation system, improve roadway conditions and improve the reliability and efficiency of deliveries in interstate commerce, ultimately growing the economy…”

“ALEC urges Congress of the United States to modernize trucking equipment standards and allow twin 33-foot trailers on American highways to replace the past federal standard of 28-foot trailers.”

Read more from the resolution here.

There has never been a more important time to modernize long outdated regulations in infrastructure, and Congress appears to recognize that as they begin debate on transportation and infrastructure policy next week.

Allowing twin 33s is one commonsense solution to modernizing regulations that will improve productivity and efficiencies in e-commerce and shipping, improve safety and alleviate wear and tear on our roads, and reduce carbon emissions – all benefiting consumers and the economy.