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THE HILL: It’s Time To Bring Our Nation’s Infrastructure Into The 21st Century                                                                          

Since last updating the efficiency of our highway network more than 25 years ago, our infrastructure has suffered from chronic underinvestment and a lack of innovation. At times this lack of investment has put families in harm’s way, caused economic inefficiency, and put undue stress on the environment. We are at a tipping point and our policymakers must realize infrastructure investment cannot solely focus on filling potholes, painting lines, installing signage, and building additional lane miles.

DC VELOCITY: Will 33-Foot Twins Be Born This Year?                                                                                                

“No doubt, there will be lengthy partisan debates. But at this point, I think the prospects of passage look good. Based on the changing political climate in Washington and the AMT’s lobbying power, my prediction is that the proposal will be one of the few things approved during this session of Congress.”

AMERICAN SHIPPER: Freight Policy Must Keep Up With The Times                                                                                                                 

Over the last century, the logistics industry has seen its share of progress. While the technology in today’s warehouses might seem like science-fiction to some, there was a time when automation and forklifts were not a reality. During these early days, warehouse employees had to carry goods in hundred pound sacks from the rail yard and assemble the pallets by hand.