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Americans for Modern Transportation

Enhanced Safety

Safety is the top priority, and must be pursued through continued workforce development and driver education, the adoption of safe driving technologies and roadway improvements.

Sustainability Improvements

Americans for Modern Transportation (AMT) supports efforts to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. More efficient transportation will improve environmental quality and strengthen our economic and national security.

Technology Upgrades

Exploration of smart and adaptive vehicle technologies, such as vehicle-to-infrastructure communications systems and other safety technologies, should be supported and incorporated in new advanced trucking equipment.

Mission Statement

Improving both the safety and efficiency of our transportation system is essential to meeting the on-demand needs of the modern business and consumer. We will advocate for policies that modernize the delivery of products and consumer goods to businesses and consumers across the country.

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Setting the Record Straight on Twin 33 Trailers

Americans for Modern Transportation sets the record straight on the widespread use of twin 33 trailer trucks, which are already allowed on portions of highways in 20 states nationwide. Misguided claims about the safety of twin 33 trailers undermine the abilities of...

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